Live theory through your own experiences! Bring your teams the necessary knowledge and tools to create an ideal work environment where the staff can reach their full potential.

A great experience as a team

This workshop is for departments, teams, group projects or divisions up to 100 people. This workshop gives your staff the necessary tools and knowledge. The exercices linked to theory will allow your staff to fully understand this subject. They will be able to create an ideal work environment in order to reach their full potential.

Happiness in the workplace is not linked to raises, bonuses, promotions or any other benefits. It relies on simple and efficient actions that any staff member should be aware of.

  • 1 Half-day workshop
  • 2 Full-day workshops

What do the participants gain

The workshops gives tangible solutions. It includes presentations and exercices during which the participants will make the link with their own experiences. They will find ideas and will put actions into place to create a work environment favorable to happiness and well-being in the workplace.

  • Knowledge on the subject of « happiness at work » based on the latest research
  • Specific tools they can easily implement right away in the company.Some of these tools are used during the keynote
  • Find the energy and willpower to implement a true positive change within their work environment.
  • Have and share a positive experience!

Example of a workshop

We plan the exact agenda with you according to your needs and specific group interests. Here are some of the most requested items:

  • Change management - How to stay happy at work when the company is facing large-scale changes.
  • Salary – What is its role in happiness at work?
  • Personality poker - A personality model which helps the participants to better know themselves and their colleagues.
  • Problem-matrix - A process to discuss, prioritize, and address the problems and frustrations the team faces in a constructive way.
  • Poncho - A great recognition and praise exercise.
  • Stress – How to stay happy when there is too much work.
  • Happiness strategy - The group comes up with an action plan to maximize happiness in the workplace.
  • Millenium - Learn how to work together.