The manager is the one with the most impact on the work environment. Give your managers the necessary knowledge and tools to create an ideal work environment  where employees can reach their full potential.

Attitude & positive emotions

Studies clearly show that the manager’s attitude has a great impact on the staff’s involvement

The great managers are at the service of their staff. They motivate them, give them energy, which enables them to outdo themselves. Too many managers create a work environment where no one can express their true talent. Imagine a company where trust, autonomy and work ethics would be the standard.

This training gives the managers the necessary knowledge and tools to create an ideal work environment where employees can reach their full potential. A positive work environment has nothing to do with raises, bonuses, promotions or other advantages. It depends on simple and efficient actions that the manager can implement.

What the participants gain

The workshops give management what they need to create, with their staff, a more productive work environment with the main goal of having fully involved staff.

Only 14% of the staff in Switzerland think they are involved. It's time to change.

  • Knowledge on the science of happiness in the workplace based on the latest research.
  • Passion to create a work environment with a purpose.
  • Knowledge on generational differences .
  • Find the energy and willpower to implement a true positive change within their work environment.