Allow your staff to get a positive experience ! Our Keynotes are both stimulating and reliable. They contain practical exercices and short videos in order to engage the participants.

Presentation for
all types of groups

We do not want spectators but actors for changes! We offer a constant mix of presentations, videos, reflections, discussions and practical exercises so that our participants can fully understand the message and can enjoy a true experience.

  • 1 Complete format of about 1h30-2h00
  • 2 Afterwork formats of about 25-30 minutes

What do the participants gain

The keynote is composed of all the essential elements for the participants to be able to take action to create an environment favorable to happiness in the workplace. They are responsible for this goal.

  • Knowledge on the subject of « happiness at work » based on the latest research
  • Specific tools they can easily implement right away in the company. Some of these tools are used during the keynote
  • Find the energy and willpower to implement a true positive change within their work environment.
  • Experience this as a team.