Become a
specialist and assist companies in their transformation

More and more companies have understood the importance of creating an environment favorable to happiness in the work place so the staff can express their talents.

The Happiness Chief Manager masters the subject and science of happiness in the workplace. He shares with the teams and the management, the necessary knowledge and tools to create an exceptional work environment.

The CHO's role is not that of a company clown or putting foosball tables at every floor. His role is first and foremost to rebuild involvement in the company. He is a specialist in the science of happiness in the workplace.

  • The latest research and science on the subject of happiness in the workplace. Our work is based on research in these major fields: psychology, neurology, sociology and management.
  • Happiness in the workplace in a company. We share with you the most effective tools, exercises and tips that you can implement in your company.
  • A presentation, an impact. Happiness in the workplace can be perceived as a light topic. The first minutes of you presenting happiness in the workplace are essential. We will work on your presentation together to make it perfectly suited to your target, whether it is staff, management or directors.
  • How to sell happiness in the workplace. What are the arguments that will allow you to convince your manager, director or client?